Artist Statement


My inspiration comes from the world around me and from my imagination. I am most inspired when I travel: the styles of the houses, the people and how they live, and the colors that surround me.

I choose to work abstractly because shapes, patterns and colors have always intrigued me. I was born in Buenos Aires, a colorful city in every aspect, and I come from an energetic extended family that is just as colorful as my hometown.

As a child, fascinated with the designs of tiled work throughout the house, I tried to find all of the patterns that surrounded me. The stories found in my art are based on childhood memories such as this.

My encaustic work is made up of layers, which is similar to how my mind works. It rarely rests due to the many ideas speaking to me at the same time.

I incorporate collage materials in the hot, gooey wax – sometimes visible, other times not. A blowtorch fuses each layer, creating a rich texture.

My palette is bold. The energy of Argentina is expressed in my art.