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The school where I used to teach is having a fund-raising auction this month. The items that are the big sellers are, naturally,”Artwork” made by the children in the different classrooms. I love all the festivities that surround the auction. I invited  Heidi Schifferli Rozak to be the guest author today and talk about the project that her 1st & 2nd graders did for the auction. So here is Heidi in her words:

I was so excited to be asked to be a guest author that I was moved to write for Dora’s first!
Every other year, each of the classes at Plymouth Meeting Friends School are asked to create something to be auctioned at the school’s biannual fundraising auction.
In the past my class has created wall art in the form of bead weavings, a quilt, weaving, macramé.  As we are studying Native American culture, this year we (I) decided we would try a facsimile of sandpainting.  Each of the children were given several squares and strips of sandpaper and “Native American” color acrylic paint and were asked to paint a Native American inspired design on each of them.
I have witnessed for years that, left to their own inspiration, with a minimum of adult “help,” children are incredibly creative.  The mural they created this year exceeded all of my expectations that were, as always, quite high to begin with. It is stunning.  And some lucky someone will get to display this art at home and help the school at the same time.  Talk about “”good giving back to the giver”….




I am donating one of my paintings to the school Auction as well. It’s an oil painting 22 x 28 titled
Colorful Town. It is based on the Town of Jerusalem. My abstract portrayal of it is colorful and bright representing peace.

Colorful Town

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  1. Hi Dora,
    Best of luck of your participation in the fair today. I’m pretty overwhelmed with painting, and completing blog classwork, but little by little.
    fondly, Magdalena

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