How Doodling Helped Me Focus


Red Cheek I am totally enjoying this blogging class! It gives me a great challenge. We even have homework. Yesterday’s homework was to list at least 20 ideas for blog topics. The 1st topic I came up with was about my doodling. I am a doodler. Are you a doodler? Do you know some doodlers?
Being a dreamer (non diagnosed add maybe), focusing was always a challenge for me as a child. I remember being in school looking out the window, looking at the blue sky, the clouds move, and having no idea what was happening in class when suddenly I was asked a question. Have you ever experience that? It’s one of those huh? Am I supposed to know what’s going on here? Well, that was the story of my childhood. As I got older, I realized in one of those “aha” moments that while I was doodling I was listening to what was going on. I was actually focusing instead of dreaming about something totally unrelated. All of a sudden I was able to answer a question if asked. This goes back many, many years ago, probably back to middle school. Guess I made it through college and beyond with my doodles. My best ones in the last few years were done during our weekly faculty meetings while teaching. I am including some of them which I later used as my card designs or to inspire me in some of my paintings. The one above (on the left) started out as a doodle and moved on to becoming a note card (above at right). Following are a few more doodles.

IMG_2520 IMG_2515 IMG_2525 IMG_2493

President Obama is a doodler. Although I bet it is not to keep him focused.These are doodles he made while he was a senator.  Can you tell who he was doodling?  Check this out and find out: President-elect Obama’s doodle in Shore collection


Adding to this post I will upload some of my work that came directly from my doodles. I painted them with art markers and scanned them to the computer. I used them for greeting cards and for prints.

“If you have any experience with doodling or doodles, we’d love to hear about it!

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7 Replies to “How Doodling Helped Me Focus”

  1. Thanks Moira. It’s so much fun for me! I will post some more of my art that came from my doodles. TY! Happy Friday!

  2. There’s nothing like keeping your hands moving to clear your mind. I think doodling helps us to see the lighter side of things. I find when I get to serious my creativity is blocked.

  3. Nancy, Thank you for your comment! I do agree with you, keeping your hands in motion clears your mind.
    Happy Friday!

  4. These doodles look fun! The post and all the comments have inspired me to get the sketchbook out and doodle along. Like Moria said… beyond circles and squares. 🙂

  5. I love the artwork that has come from your doodles.
    When will you doodle now that you no longer have to sit through faculty meeting?
    Keep doodling, Dorita!

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