The Art of Blogging


Hopefully I am now on my way to the “Real Art of Blogging”.

I really want to get this blog going. It’s been standing still with out any change since back in March. I decided to do something about it and found the best thing possible.

With a commitment to building a more vibrant blog, I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morrisand and Alyson Stanfield . Make sure to click on their names if you want to read a real blog.

Today’s assignment has 2 parts. The 1st one is to describe who I would like to visit and read my blog.  The 2nd one is to write about what it is that I want to get out of blogging, what are my goals.

So, here we go…who would I like to read my blog?

You! of course, thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment. Maybe you can share it with your friends & family, that would be very nice.

    I would like my readers to be interested in all aspects of the art world, maybe in art education, art/artists from different countries.

    Artists who are starting over and following their dreams, kind of like my life.

    I don’t like to exclude anyone so this is not just for artists. There are many of you out there who love art but not necessarily want to be an artist yourself. So this is for you as well.

    My friends and family, I would love it if you read my blog and see what I’m up to these days as well as take a look at my new paintings.

    I think that my former students would love to see my artwork and read my blog. We had so much fun in art class.

    Today being earth day, i would love to write about the connection between the earth and artwork. What can we do about painting with oils and all the waste and fumes that come along with it. By waste I am talking about paper towels. Rags full of turp are not very safe and can’t really be washed in the washer. I’m sure there some of you out there interested in all this.

    So to go on to the 2nd part, what do I want to get out of blogging:

    One of the things I want to get is being able to connect people with my art. To have them read about who I am, be able to see my art work, hopefully decide to invest in my art work.

    I want to keep creating more so I have more work to put up on the blog.

    I would also like communication with other artists reading their blogs as well.

    I want to feel comfortable about writing and sharing what I write. This is not easy for me, the writing part. I have a feeling that the more I write the easier it will get.

    The main thing is that I want to feel comfortable with the whole process of blogging and getting you and everyone else to visit my blog.

    I want to have a ‘Healthy” blog that is fun to read, interesting, in fact so good…that you can’t wait to read my next post. Then I get lots of comments, meet some wonderful people who enjoy my art work and share it with their friends.

    I think that this affirmation card I made during the Blast off Class goes well with this post.


    4 Replies to “The Art of Blogging”

    1. Dora: I have to ask: what’s up with that font? Comic Sans??? I guess you copied and pasted it. May want to change it to look like the rest of your blog–and nicer to read. (feel free to delete this comment, too!)
      Now, let me ask you to clarify. How do YOU want to grow as a result of blogging? Or what aspect of your life/art do you hope will improve as a result of blogging?

    2. I love your banner, it is so colorful and inviting….
      I have always loved Sczieska and Lane Smith. I used to read their books to the kids I was librarian for and to my kids too. Lane Smith spoke at our school in Texas, I was totally enchanted, he was a regular guy! I realized then that you didn’t have to be superhuman to illustrate children’s books. I have not seen this particular book so will check it out. Thank you for the input.

    3. Hi Beth,
      Thank you for your comment!
      That’s great that you had Lane Smith at your school. I love all their books as well. I got “Seen Art” last June from the kindergarten class when I retired so it means a lot to me. Happy blogging!

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