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I am taking Alyson Stanfield’s “Getting Organized” class for a 2nd time around. You will see why when you look at the pictures. Since I moved I needed to reorganized everything so what better than doing a refresher course of this class.

Following are some “Before” pictures. Stay tuned for the “After” pictures in about 3-4 weeks.

These 2 pictures are of the closet in my studio/office. There are so many things that I can’t even close the door. The containers in the closet shelves are either full of photographs or belong to my son who can’t take them because he lives in Manhattan in a much smaller place than this.


To the right of the closet I have bookshelves full of books plus papers which I’m not sure if I should get rid of. Let’s call this side the “office” side.


Still going around to the right of the whole wall of book shelves is some other kind of shelves where I keep many things. Then comes the shredder and a little table with drawer where I keep all my camp things. Those 2 big blue & green bags are actually binders with all the emergency forms signed by the parents.

IMG_9320 IMG_9321

Hanging from these shelves I have These very cool colorful organizers (not sure what they are called) which I planned to use for my mail and other things but have not used yet. These shelves are in pretty good shape except for the top one.

IMG_9323 IMG_9324

The pic on the left is what used to be my desk chair which I now use to put things on because I don’t have an “actual desk” in the room and if I have to sit I use the big red ball which is supposed to be good for my back.

On the left you can see my printer cover with papers which I haven’t gotten rid off and next to it is the file cabinet with the scanner on top and a box of something on top of that. But…if you look on the shelves under the printer and the shelves to the right, I have all the printing paper organized.

IMG_9327 IMG_9329

Since I don’t have a desk anymore I got this computer desk on wheels witch I can take around the apt. It was the best solution for now.


So moving on to my studio side you will see that everything is much better organized and labeled. The picture in the middle has all my encaustics things. That black thing you see is a griddle which is used as my palette.

IMG_9330 IMG_9332 IMG_9333

The rest are a few pics of the studio side. Everything is a little cramped but…this is the room I have.

Here you can see my easel and table which I use for encaustics and watercolors.


And remember…Stay tuned for the “After” pictures in about 3-4 weeks.

4 Replies to “Getting Organized”

  1. Oh boy, Dora. Great photos! And I can see that you need to release some stuff–things like the organizing folders that seemed like a good idea, but you don’t use. Donate them to a good cause since you obviously don’t need them.
    I’m guessing you have some old teachers’ supplies in here. Yes? I’d like to see you make some wall space for your art. Is that in the cards?

  2. Thanks Carol, you should take it. It’s a great class. Here I am…2nd time around. And you have such a wonderful big space to work with…
    By the way, the water soluble oils are working great. I love them!!! especially the clean up. So thank you for the tubes you sent to try them out. Happy week-end!

  3. Oh boy is right Alyson! Too many things, not enough space. It’s hard to have an office/studio in a “bedroom”. I do have some of my work on the walls, you just can’t see them in the photos. I also do have some old teachers’ supplies (how could you tell:) ) even though I did give a lot to Heidi for her classroom. Those “organizing folders”, I thought they were a good idea.I liked the colors (LOL)… I think I need to take more things to storage and others give away. Thank you!

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