The Power of smell

Today while surfing the net I came across this saying:

Maybe we should develop a Crayola bomb as our next secret weapon.  A happiness weapon.  A beauty bomb.  And every time a crisis developed, we would launch one.  It would explode high in the air – explode softly – and send thousands, millions, of little parachutes into the air.  Floating down to earth – boxes of Crayolas.  And we wouldn’t go cheap, either – not little boxes of eight.  Boxes of sixty-four, with the sharpener built right in.  With silver and gold and copper, magenta and peach and lime, amber and umber and all the rest.  And people would smile and get a little funny look on their faces and cover the world with imagination.  ~Robert Fulghum

Photograph by Sir Fish

I posted it on facebook and then I thought I should write about it on my blog. I love the saying. Just imagine how colorful the whole world would look like today if every bomb that exploded was full of colorful happiness and joy? It would be a beauty bomb full of color.

I was also reminded of getting my 1st box of 64 crayons…all those beautiful colors, the smell and of course the sharpener. That was pure joy! I remember getting out a piece of paper and trying out every color.  I can still smell them in my thoughts.

COLOURlover mentions in their blog that for the last 100 years or so kids have been exploring and creating worlds of color with Crayons. For a lot of us, our life long love affairs with color began with these wax sticks and a blank sheet of paper. According to a Yale University study, the scent of Crayola crayons is among the 20 most recognizable to American adults. Coffee and peanut butter are 1 and 2. Here we go down crayon color memory lane with all 120 color names and hex codes, fun facts and photos. You can see all this here in COLOURlover.

Do you think this is why I like working with wax so much? all those memories of the crayola box of crayons?

6 Replies to “The Power of smell”

  1. Crayon bombs sound like a great idea! My experience with crayons, though, is that they looked much better in the box than they did on my paper. They flaked off. Now the discovery of Sennelier oil pastels…. THAT was the magical day for me!

  2. I love it!! It’s funny with my youngest (6-8) kids at the Contemporary Art Center the Crayolas are still a big hit and they use them often before they choose other materials.

    By the time my 9-11 year olds come in the Crayolas have to be off the table..they already think of them as something that ‘little kids’ use.

    The idea of Crayon bombs is just one more brilliantly creative idea for options in a world gone insane with stuggle.
    .-= iona´s last blog ..Following the Moon =-.

  3. Talk about the power of smell! Just looking at that bundle of crayons evokes their aroma, of which there is none other like them. It beckons me back to lying on the living room rug scribbling in coloring books with a black and white TV playing Bugs Bunny cartoons in the background. Sights evoke smells which evoke memories…
    .-= Michael B´s last blog ..Fear of writing… =-.

  4. Thank you all for your comments!

    Lynn, I agree, Sennelier oil pastels are wonderful! But when I was a kid, it was the crayons, and their smell and the colors…

    Hannah, I wish Fulghum’s bomb would work!!!

    Iona, That is funny with the kids. They love markers now more than crayons. We didn’t have markers when I was a their age.

    Michael, I remember those exact times! watching B&W cartoons and drawing or coloring with the crayons.

  5. That scent of crayons! We never forget it. What is it about crayons? Is it the connection with school starting and all those wonderful new supplies or is it the colors we could transfer onto paper? Although I love color, for me, I believe the scent of crayons evoke memories of the excitement of those first days of school, crayons with fresh points waiting to be used, a new tablet and maybe a pencil box, and probably something new to wear. Would a sniff of new crayons along with the morning coffee make a good day?

    I don’t which I enjoy most, your site with those glorious colors or your blog! Or your camp experiences, which as a long-ago-scout-leader, I do connect with.

    Good stuff!

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