A Blogging Adventure

As I mentioned yesterday, today is the first day of my 4 week Blog Triage class with Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris.

I am so excited to be taking this class. My blog definitely needs a facelift.

I have made a commitment to build a more exciting blog that will have a constant audience and many followers.

In order for all this to happen I need to write and post on the blog. I need to accept that this is an ongoing process and not a one time deal.

Thanks to Alyson & Cynthia I will learn how this process works in a more effective and efficient way.

We have homework and today’s assignment has 2 parts. The 1st one is to describe the people I want to visit and read my blog.

I have been thinking about this all morning (maybe this is why I don’t blog too often, I think about it too much???).

I want people to read my blog,  but specifically which people I want my audience to be? My blog is about art so it would be fun to have other artists read it.

It is always very inspiring to hear what other artists have to say about your work.

I would like my readers to be interested in all aspects of the art world, maybe in art education (or the lack of), art/artists from different countries. How about older artists/non artists who are starting over and doing what they love which is what I’m doing.

“3rd Street” watercolor on paper 2009

I definitely want my friends and family to read it and share it with their contacts. Probably my former students would love to see my artwork and read my blog.

I can also get greedy and say that I would like art websites, galleries, art collectors and designers to stop by and read it. I don’t think age, background or region where my future audience will be from is something that I thought about.

The 2nd assignment is to write about what it is that I want to get out of blogging, what are my goals.

One of the things I want to get is to be able to connect  to readers and at the same time connect them with my art. To have them read about who I am, be able to see my art work, hopefully decide to invest in my art work.

I want to feel more comfortable about writing and sharing what I write. I am not a writer. I love to tell stories and could go on and on. I need to learn to write what needs to be said and then stop.

The main thing is that I want to feel comfortable with the whole process of blogging and getting readers to visit my blog. I want to have a ‘Healthy” blog that is fun to read, interesting, in fact so good…that you can’t wait to read my next post. Then I get lots of comments, meet some

wonderful people who enjoy my art work and share it with their friends.

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  1. Dora, your art would make a sourpuss smile! Love the blogging hat, too. I look forward to being in class with you for the next month.

  2. Hi Lynn, thanks so much for your comment! I guess I need to get those sourpusses to see my blog and put a smile on their face. haha…I looking forward to being classmates as well!

  3. Dora: Your new blog is looking marvelous! I can’t believe how fast you are. You may be a slow thinker, but you really can move.

    As is my job, I’m going to push you a bit. Who likes and buys your art? I think of your work as colorful, joyful, so your blog might also be a place that emits joy and attracts people who want to be uplifted. What else would your former students be interested in hearing about? Sure, they’d like to see your art, but what else would they want to know when they visit?

    I like the part about “older artists” who have come back to their art. If you can explore that on this blog, you will get tons of readers. There are so many out there! How about interviewing and featuring one “older” artist each week or each month and exploring the trials and triumphs they have in their second careers?

    Wanting gallerists, curators, etc. isn’t greedy at all. Who doesn’t want that?! But that means that you keep up the blog, keep posting images, etc. You write as if the world is looking (because they are).

    This is a challenge for you: “I need to learn to write what needs to be said and then stop.” In fact, maybe you could rewrite this post again for tomorrow and cut it in half. I’ll bet you could and have it be even stronger.

  4. Hi Dora
    I love the vibrancy of your work and also what you have to say…it will be fun to share class with you.


  5. Alyson, I am glad that you like my new blog.
    Thank you for pushing me!!! I need that!
    I will cut this post in half and rewrite it.
    I love the idea of interviewing and featuring older artists!

  6. Dora, I am so excited you are taking this class! I will follow along with you, as I know how the curriculum goes from taking it last spring with you. Your blog is already looking wonderful. I love your blogging and art goals. Count me as one more new reader!

  7. Hi Krista, I am excited that you are reading my blog!!! Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I am having fun with wordpress! And, thank you again for emailing all the blog classmates from last year. It was fun to be in contact again! I want to also follow your blog…so here I go.

  8. Hi Dora,
    I was immediately attracted to the warm, joyful feel of your artwork. I agree with Alyson that writing for older readers could be a real draw. They are, I think, a forgotten population who are out there waiting to be spoken to. I look forward to seeing where your blog goes next!

  9. Hi Dora! I love those bright colours in your paintings! And, like Lynn, I got a kick out of your blogging hat! Maybe we should all have one – wonder what the “typealyzer” would make of that?! I can see this class is going to be a lot of fun, as well as a bit of a challenge!

  10. Hi Dora,

    I was feeling a bit tired and your blog woke me right up! Part of it was the artwork for sure-great colors and energy in the shapes. I am really looking forward to following your progress in this class!

    Fellow Patient,
    Hannah Phelps

  11. Hi Dora,
    I found you and I didn’t realize that you were taking the course. Your art is beautiful. Such incredible colors. Good luck with the course and it will be great to check back in and see how things are going.

  12. Hello Meg, I am very happy that you found me and that you like the colors I use. Good luck to you on the course as well! Talk to you soon.

  13. Hannah, so you also think that writing to an older audience is a good idea? I think you are right, they are kind of a forgotten population. I am really liking this idea and am thinking on how to go about it. See you in class!

  14. Hi Tracy, hats are fun aren’t they? I love to go in hat stores and try them on. Great idea about all having one! haha. This is class will be fun, lot’s of work but definitely fun! Happy to hear that you like my bright colors. Thank you!

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