I think I’m falling in Love

I spent a wonderful day on Saturday (4/10) learning new things which is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it’s hands on and we get to play and try everything. I have to tell you, It was so much fun. It was five of us doing our thing and learning in this wonderful

studio setting.

I really think I am falling in love with this new medium called encaustics. It all started in December when I took my 1st Encaustics workshop. You would love this medium. It’s so soft, warm, and so forgiving. I am going back there today and will tell you all about it on my next post.

I will tell you about the artist teaching this class and about the artist wh works with her. You will get to see some video as well. Have to run to keep playing with my new love.

9 Replies to “I think I’m falling in Love”

  1. Hi Dora
    I’m jealous that you are off having a grand two part workshop with encaustics…it is a magnificent medium isn’t it.

    I look forward to seeing your next post.

  2. Dora!
    I love the look of your new blog! It’s a whole fresh start for you.

    I also LOVE that you are falling in love with encaustics. It made me so happy to read the title of this post. I know and love that feeling of playing in a new medium – I’m having it with my web TV show!

    Great job – can’t wait to see more!


  3. Dora – encaustics are something Im just about to start playing with myself – a new adventure. Looks like you had so much fun!

  4. It was such a great week-end! Had a lot of fun! I don’t know what there is about it but It is definitely a great medium. I think I just love how much you can do with it. Thank you Iona!

  5. It sure is a great feeling doing something that you love. Cynthia, I’m glad you like the new blog! I still have some kinks I need to take care of. I wanted to make it look more like my website. Thank you!

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