Shameless Self Promotion Workshop

©Dora Ficher 2010 “3rd” mixed media, wax, oils, photograph 8×8

The above is a work in progress

I had a wonderful week learning all about “promoting your art online”. I attended Alyson Stanfield’s workshops.

In Lancaster, Pa. “No Excuses-Art- Marketing Workshop” and in Rehoboth Beach, DE. “Shameless Self Promoton Workshop”.

I first went to Lancaster, drove there with my son Jonathan Meter who is a photographer in NYC and had never taken any of Alyson‘s classes.

He and his girlfriend just started a new blog, “The BiteSizedblog” and he wanted to learn all about promoting it.

In Lancaster we met some wonderful artists. The workshop was sponsored by The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftmen.

I was very excited to be able to help Alyson with her sale’s table in both workshops. I had a ball.

I have taken many classes with her and I am always learning new things.

Facebook, blogs and twitter are constantly “changing” and Alyson is up to the last minute changes in everything “social media”.

It was great to meet new artists. I believe that for me this is the most fun of participating in both online classes and in workshops. You meet so many wonderful people.

After Lancaster I came home for a day, picked up Heidi and headed down to Rehoboth Beach where neither one of us had ever been to.

The Rehoboth Beach, DE. “Shameless Self Promoton Workshop”. was held at The Rehoboth Art League and organized by Kim Klabe.

Saturday after the workshop we walked around the town and visited several art galleries. My favorite was the working artists studios: Base where many of the artists that attended the workshop have their studios.

What better way to end a week long journey than with a great dinner at an awesome seafood restaurant.

If you have never taken any of Alyson Stanfield’s online classes be sure to visit her blog and sign up for the next one. You will learn tons!


Heidi, the tree hugger

20 Replies to “Shameless Self Promotion Workshop”

  1. Love, this recap. Beautiful photo essay. I can just imagine what it’s like to be in one of those workshops!

    What’s the best, biggest, juiciest nugget of learning you got from last week?

    I also love your painting at the top of the post.

  2. Cynthia,
    One of my juiciest nuggets was to turn off all notifications on facebook. Wow! I get 1/2 the emails I was getting. Guess I should have known that duh???
    Everything was was juicy, a lot I already knew but the trick is to DO IT. Like post on my blog often.

  3. Great post, Dora!! It was great to meet you last weekend at this Rehoboth Art League workshop! I see me in the background of one of those photos!! LOL

    I made some EXCELLENT connections, in addition to learning lots from Alyson!

    I have been doing my homework, too! New blog, more FB & Twitter time!! Follow me @jancolors!!

    Best regards!
    .-= Jan Crumpley´s last blog ..Twitter 101 for local friends – reblog =-.

  4. Hi Jan, I do see you in the background there. I am following you on twitter. I love the connections we make in these workshops. It was great to meet you! I will check out your blog!

  5. Sounds like you learned alot and had plenty of fun doing it! Next time Alyson is near NYC area, I’m going to have to attend. Reading her book has helped me move forward, but a workshop would be great!
    .-= Dora´s last blog ..I Still Hate Computers =-.

  6. Claudine, you should, they are so full of information! And listening to her in person is wonderful.

    Dora, I would love to have an Alyson workshop here in Philly around this time next year. That’s not far for you. I will work on making that happen.

  7. Hi Dora, it was great meeting you at the Rehoboth workshop, I am already working on implementing things I learned. Which brings me to a question, I currently need a new camera and I was wondering what are you using?! The photos in you’re blog are great looking!

  8. Nice post, Dora! Really sounds like a wonderful event you attended. And thank you for the link to your son’s blog – having to cater for 40 this weekend, timing could not have been more perfect.
    – heidi

  9. Michelle, Glad to hear that you are implementing the things you learned at the workshop. I used my little Cannon point and shoot while in Rehoboth. I also have a Canon 35mm digital Camera which is more expensive but has many more options. So let me know how much you want to $$$.
    It was great to meet you as well!

    You are welcome (the other) Heidi. I hope you enjoy his blog!

  10. I love your work in progress and it is so much fun to see everyone having such a grand time at the workshop.

    I look forward to seeing the completed piece…now that you’re back in the studio 🙂
    .-= iona´s last blog ..Following the Moon =-.

  11. Dora, How wonderful for you that you lived close enough to these workshops to be able to participate. Lucky you!!
    Thanks for the little “hot-tip” about FaceBook notifications…that will be my next move after this post!

  12. Thank you Iona. I will post the finished work when done.

    Susan, where do you live? Maybe she will do a workshop near you one of these days. It was so nice to turn all my notifications off on facebook because we do get notified on FB anyway.

  13. Dora, thanks for giving us a taste of Alyson’s workshops! I’ve enjoyed the online format of her classes because it allows me to blend in the class with the rest of my life (not unlike oil pastels!)–but the pictures make me want to attend a real life/real time workshop. Maybe she’ll make it out to the west coast again soon!

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