Do you wear new pink undies?


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In my family we have a tradition that every New Year’s eve we wear something new…usually underwear. This way we welcome the new year wearing something new . I have done it since I can remember.

I posted this on facebook and got many interesting answers. Here they are:

Susana : yes….….pink new underwear… don’t not why…..this year i forgot!

Raylene: Love it! I pick a word if the year as my mantra and try to stuff a grape for each of the 12 hours/months in my mouth (Spanish tradition) as the click gongs. Hilarity ensures…though it’s a little messy for new clothes.

Deb: We have a group of friends and we get together on New Year’s and wear pajamas and plan a mulitcourse dinner – that starts at 8 and ends right before 12.

Luciana: Put $ in your pocket. Brings good fortune.

Sergio: I do not, except for the usual party etc. I am starting a new tradition; ” to be here next year.”

Cintia: I do the same! BUT – it has to be pink. Don’t ask me why but that’s how i grew up celebrating the transition from the old to the new year. Hope you have an excellent 2011!

Peg: As soon as “the ball” drops we all run outside yelling Happy New Year and banging pots and pans to scare away the bad spirits.

Alyson: My friend from Colombia says yellow underwear for New Year’s.

Marlis: RED new undies in italy and the italian part of switzerland

I would love to know what the traditions are in your family or country.

You can leave a comment and tell us about it below:

Happy & Healthy 2011!

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4 Replies to “Do you wear new pink undies?”

  1. Hi Dora,

    Love your colorful blog!

    We have the tradition of wearing yellow panties, though I didn’t do it this past New Year Eve.

    There are many traditions in my family, we usually do the 12 grapes, as Raylene mentioned and the yellow panties. We have done some other things as well, like eating lentils when the 12 hits, but with the grapes it’s kind of a disaster to do. LOL! They say lentils bring prosperity.

    Some take their empty suitcases outside and walk around a car as the clock hits the 12. They say this will bring travels in your future. One of my sisters in-law did it once, and she hasn’t stop traveling, so I guess it works!! 😀

    For me, as long as I’m with my family at that moment, that’s all I ask for!! So that’s what I did this year, that and a glass of Champagne!!!

    Happy New Year!
    Corina´s last blog post ..My Monthly e-Newsletter for January 2011

  2. Thank you Corina for your comment!

    I love to hear what the different traditions are. Traditions are very important in my family.
    I love lentils so I should start eating them on the 31st at 12.
    I never heard of the empty suitcase and walking around the car.

    Happy New Year to you!

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