My Word for 2011

Tetraptych Poppy collage – Mixed media – encaustic paints, collage, oil sticks on wood. ©Dora Ficher

I was never a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Every year on January 1st many people seem to have their New Year’s Resolution… there are more diets and exercise programs started than any other day of the year. Do people actually stick to these resolutions? For me this is not something that would work or has worked in the past.

So this year I decided to do something different <for me…that is>. Since I facebook and tweet mostly with artists I started reading about “The Word for the Year”.

So, I went to look for a word which I would use as my “Word for the year 2011” I have been reading much about this in Cynthia Morris, Lisa Call & Christine Kane’s blogs. I thought that it sounded cool, “word of the year”. Little did I know that this would not be an easy task for me. In fact it was a bit of a challenge.

I started to think about what word did I want to use that would represent the year for me. So I started out with “Mindful” because I am thinking (mindfully ) of starting a mindfulness meditation class at the end of the month. So I went back and forth with that word and decided that it did not feel like the right one. So I moved on to “Courage”. I wanted to be courageous and do this & that in my art business…but than I thought that “Determination” would be a better word. Looking up all these words and looking for synonyms, I realized that courage & determination are very similar. Luckily I found this “Word of the Year Worksheet” in Christine Kane’s website and decided to work on it.


Doodle 11 – 1/11/11 Black & color ink on paper ©Dora Ficher 2010

I diligently worked on it and discussing all this with my partner the thought was that those words were too serious for me and not very artsy.

I went Back and forth, back and forth…

And finally…. The word I chose is “Gutsy”

I looked “Gutsy” up and it gave me all these synonyms which I could really relate to: adventuresome, adventurous, audacious,daring, dashing, emboldened, enterprising, free-swinging, bold, hardy, nerved, nervy, venturesome, venturous.

In 2011 I want to be more “gutsy”. I am working on my intentions/goals for this year which I will post in a few days.

I want to look at all my projects and goals in a much more “gutsy” way and act on them in a “gutsy” way.

I even did a wordle with the word “Gutsy” and some of the synonyms along with some of my art words.


7 Replies to “My Word for 2011”

  1. DOra……..

    I think the word “Gutsy” fits you perfectly……..absolutely perfectly!!
    I started to read about the “word of the year” idea on your FB…….and i have sort of thinking about what would my word be…….so far, i did not find the word yet…….
    Love the idea!!!

  2. I am so glad to read this. Gutsy! What a perfect word! I’ve been journaling a lot and as I write I look at the shapes of letters and words…how they fit on the page, and flow together. Gutsy works visually in cursive, which somehow seems important to me… It’s balanced with that impudent upright T in the middle. But most importantly it’s a mantra for daily living. Thanks so much!
    liza myers´s last blog post ..Why Do We Create

  3. Hi Liza, A bit late responding to you. I’m happy you like the word “Gutsy”. It is my motto now…Let’s see where it takes me! I Love how it looks visually as well!!!

  4. Ruth, I just checked out your friend Dawn’s blog. Very cool to have a monthly word. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to go back and read some more about it.

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