Welcome to my New Studio

“Melody”.  Mixed media – encaustic paints, collage, oil sticks on wood 2.5 x 3.5.      ©Dora Ficher 2011

I have moved to a “Studio Building”. 915 Spring Garden Street houses 5 floors of artist studios.

The building has a very interesting history: In 1909 the Reading Railroad completed construction of the 915 Spring Garden Street train station. During this prosperous era of heavy industrial construction, trains were the primary means of long distant travel, making 915 Spring Garden Street a focal point of commerce for Philadelphia.

And so it is today, only artists have replaced RR workers and the commerce is Fine Art not travel. Providing studios for over 100 artists of varied disciplines, from potters, furniture makers and jewelers to painters, photographers and sculptors

In 1981 the 915 Studio Building, as the public has come to know it was inaugurated, with a group of painters, potters, and graphic designers making up the role as tenants.

You can read the whole story here.

As many of my facebook fans know, I love my New Studio. I get to walk there, about a 35-minute walk from my home each way. So, I not only get to go and have fun while I do my art, I also get a good exercise.

The photo below is of the hallway leading to my studio #212 on the 2nd floor.

@Dora Ficher Art

It is so awesome to have plenty of room to work.

Following you can see some pictures of my encaustic materials and some new work I have done in the past month or so. I have been experimenting with different collage materials and with the torch to fuse the wax.

©Dora Ficher Art
@Dora Ficher Art
Mixed media – encaustic paints, collage, oil sticks on wood 2.5 x 3.5.      ©Dora Ficher 2011
Mixed media – encaustic paints, collage, oil sticks on wood 2.5 x 3.5.         ©Dora Ficher 2011
Mixed media – encaustic paints, collage, oil sticks on wood 2.5 x 3.5.          ©Dora Ficher 2011

Some new Poppies…

“Springtime” Collage, Mixed media – encaustic paints, collage, oil sticks on wood. ©Dora Ficher 2011

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23 Replies to “Welcome to my New Studio”

  1. Thanks Cynthia! It really is so nice to have a big space and be surrounded by other artists to talk to and exchange ideas.
    Happy Spring…my favorite season!!! Lots of flowers will be.

  2. Hi Dora
    How fabulous to see your new work! And it’s wonderfully fun to be getting a peek into such an active community space. Not only rich in history but also sending out exceptional energy for the 21st century. Now we know so much more about how the creative process fuels our heart’s travels and our mind’s expansion…we artists all want to ‘get on board’ for the uncharted wilds of deeper inner journey.

    I look forward to more photos of the ‘lay of the land’ within your actual studio space too!!

    Congratulations…and you even received a one hour ‘lay-over’ for your walking meditation to and fro each time you travel to the station.
    Donna Iona Drozda´s last blog post ..Following the Moon- Go with All Your Heart

  3. Iona, you always make me smile! Thank you for my hour “lay-over”. Love it!
    More pictures will be coming soon. Wait till you see the elevators…
    Hugs & kisses back to you!

  4. Wonderful to see your studio! Now we can imagine you in there creating away. It is always fun to see other artist’s studios. Yours reminds me of one my favorite that I had in downtown Minneapolis. Met any interesting neighbors?

    When is the party in Philly? Should I join you? 🙂

  5. Hi Carol, Yes, met some great people! and…already knew some that have a studio there.

    What party? Yes…you should join but tell me about it haha….

  6. Thanks for the Gravatar URL as I had forgotten about how to get there.

    Party in Philly? I read the Alyson was going to be there to see your studio so I figured you would be having a party….? 🙂

  7. Forgot to tell you that we will be flying through Philly next weekend on our way to France. I will wave. Too bad the layovers are not long enough to see you. That purple hat in my updated gravatar is from my France trip last year.

  8. Love your purple hat! Alyson will be doing a workshop here in Philly in November. That’s when I will show her my studio. I would love to have a party there though…Have a great trip to France!!!

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