Hidden Quotes

123/365 “Hidden Quotes” Collage, Mixed media – encaustic paints, oil sticks on wood. ©Dora Ficher 2011


Enthusiasm moves the world. ~A. Balfour


Email:    dora@doraficher.com
Phone:    215-680-0922
915 Spring Garden St.
Studio #212
Philadelphia, PA. 19123


4 Replies to “Hidden Quotes”

  1. Hola! Love your paintings there are full of color! I’m glad I found this blog. Will check the web page.

    My name is Dora too, but every one calls me Doris 😉
    Doris´s last blog post ..Blue

  2. Hi Dora,

    I’m enjoying this painting. The process of quartering the square and working with the grid produces a sense of calm, as you say in your statement–and yet at the same time the color pop and glow next to each other. Lovely.

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