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Experiment ~ Mixed Media Collage, encaustic, oil sticks on panel 6×6 ©Dora Ficher Art 2011


I was very happy to be invited by Jonathan & Jessica (my son and future daughter inlaw) of  “The Bitesized Blog” to be part of the ‘My 7 Links’ project.

The idea is to go back to your own posts and find one to fit each of the 7 proposed categories, then ‘choose’ 5 more bloggers to do the same, and so on, and so on.

The project is described as a way of “uniting bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint venture.

The following are the 7 categories:


  1. Most beautiful post
  2. Most popular post
  3. Most controversial post
  4. Most helpful post
  5. Most “surprisingly successful” post
  6. Most neglected post
  7. and finally….the post that makes them most proud



This was great for me because my blog has been a bit…shhh “not there” since the spring. It always takes a vacation during the summer due to my summer camp. But the blog has not returned from summer vacation yet so this is the perfect opportunity to make a comeback.

  1. Most beautiful post: 365 days Challenge

    98/365-"Little Houses by the ocean" PITT Artist Pens on watercolor paper. 4x4 ©Dora Ficher 2011
    98/365-“Little Houses by the ocean” PITT Artist Pens on watercolor paper. 4×4 ©Dora Ficher 2011

    I am now realizing that this is not easy to do. It was a bit of a challenge choosing a post for each category. When looking for “The most beautiful” one I wasn’t sure whether I should choose the most beautiful to my heart or beautiful to the eyes. After much deliberation I decided to chose this post as “The most beautiful” because I felt that it is very colorful, and it shows a lot of my ink/watercolor paintings in bright colors. I make one of these paintings almost every night and share them on twitter and facebook. It’s all part of the #draw365 on twitter.


  2. Most popular post: Welcome to my New Studio
©Dora Ficher Art
This post was quite popular. I think readers like to see and hear about your working space. This was written back in March on April when I 1st moved to this studio at this studio building. I have now moved 2 floors up, same building but My new studio is Studi #403. I need to write a post about this new space. I am now solo in my new studio which gives me lots of room.

3. Most controversial post: I was not able to come up with one. Maybe because I haven’t been blogging that long or maybe because I need to come up with some more controvertial subjects? Not sure. Any suggestions?

4. Most helpful post: How do you photograph your Artwork?

@Dora Ficher Art

This post got a lot of hits not only here but on facebook as well. This is a constant theme that artists have to live with since our work has to be photographed to be able to post on our website, to enter juried shows, and so on. Thank you to my son Jonathan for setting up this whole thing for me. The best thing about the whole set up is how little room it takes.  You can fold it all up and put it away against a wall in the corner.

5. Most “surprisingly successful” post: My Word for 2011


This post wast pretty popular. I think that readers liked this whole wordle thing. My word was “Gutsy”.

I looked “Gutsy” up and it gave me all these synonyms which I could really relate to:adventuresome, adventurous, audacious,daring, dashing, emboldened, enterprising, free-swinging, bold, hardy, nerved, nervy, venturesome, venturous.

6. Most neglected post:My first blog

Dazed & Confused

I’m not really sure if it was really the most neglected post. But…at that time I switched from one blog to another one and I think that a few things got lost in the shuffle. I felt kind of like this painting…

7. The post that makes me most proud: Interview Thursday with Photographer Jonathan Meter

Jonathan Meter – July 2011

I was doing interviews of artists on my blog and will hopefully continue with them soon.

I loved being able to interview my son Jonathan Meter who is a photographer. If you read the post you will know why I’m so proud.

The following post is kind of connected and I thought I would share it as well because it also makes me very proud.

My son, my hero

My hero: Jonathan Meter age 5 or 6


I have chosen the following blogs to participate in the 7 Links project. I am hoping they will still participate since it took me a bit longer to finish this than anticipated.

Here they are:

Cynthia Morris at Original Impulse

Claudine Intner at Claudine Intner

Lisa Call at  Lisa Call – Textile Paintings

Christine Goldbeck at Christine Goldbeck 

Donna Drozda at Donna Iona Drozda 

Kathryn Hansen at  Kathryn Hansen

Thank you!

Phone:    215-680-0922
915 Spring Garden St.
Studio #403
Philadelphia, PA. 19123





6 Replies to “My 7 Links”

  1. Hi Dora!
    Thanks so much for such a grand tour through your bright and beautiful blog…I loved visiting the posts that you selected.

    AND…thank you so much for inviting my blog to be part of this terrific project…my blog has been quiet this month as I launched my eStudio ‘Tools for Change’…and so I’m happy to have this project to jump start and reconnect me to past posts and current happenings…plus it will be fun to select 7 blogs to share.

    There are so many fabulous creative voices contributing to the wonder and uplift of us all.

    Lookin’ up

  2. Iona, You are very welcome! I am very happy that you enjoyed the tour. I kind of used this whole post as a jump start as well because my blog had not come back from summer vacation yet.

    Looking forward to reading your 7 links.

    Thanks for participating…I know how busy you are.

    Big hugs,

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