Wow I have gotten behind on my #draw365. Trying to catch up. I am posting photographs today for numbers 8-9-10-11-12 / 365 Working on the next four (11-16) for tomorrow.

These photographs, actually all but one were taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico this past summer. I Love doors and architecture and for me each one of these doors is a work of art. I Uploaded these pics and finished them up on photoshop.

12/365-Turquoise door Canyon Rd. Santa Fe, NM -Photograph by ©Dora Ficher


11/365 Santa Fe door – @Dora Ficher
10/365-Santa Fe home-Photograph by ©Dora Ficher


9/365-Door at Terrain-Photograph by ©Dora Ficher


8/365-Santa Fe door-Photograph by ©Dora Ficher


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