January 2012 Daily #Draw365

 1/365 “New Years in the City” India Ink on Watercolor paper 4×4  © 2012 Dora Ficher

Since January 2011, I have been participating in the #draw365 hashtag group on twitter. By December of 2011 I was hoping to have completed 365 pieces total… I didn’t make it to 365 but…I made it to about 220 which I’m very happy about.

The way I have been doing it is drawing a new piece every night and coloring it with India Inks. Then I scan it and finish it up on photoshop.

This new Year I will be doing the same thing but also include some of my encaustic paintings on some days. My purpose in all this is to “Create” some piece of art every day and I know that is the motivation of the group as well.

I will post one up everyday on my blog as well as on my Facebook fan page and on my Twitter page. You are welcome to share these with your friends. On your left you can see the 1st one for 2012.

All my #draw365 pieces are available for sale as prints or originals and you can contact me here for all the information. The prints are mounted on wood panels and covered with a few layers of encaustic which lets me combine both of my art mediums.

You can also find some of my Ink Drawings on Zazzle where you can purchase them as Tiles and Note cards.

My Encaustic paintings are also available for sale either through the website, my studio or through the galleries that carry my work. At this time I have work at Bluestone Fine Art Gallery and at Nichols Berg Gallery.

I am working on pricing all my pieces on my website Portfolio page. That will be done in the next couple of days. My Portfolio has my India Ink drawings in a separate page.

Stay tuned for my YearEnd Newsletter which will go out in the next few days.  If you would like to get the Newsletter please subscribe on the right where it says email updates.

Happy New Year my friends!

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