Goals and Big Changes Ahead

Hello friends,

It feels like we skipped spring and went right into summer. Hopefully by next week my favorite season will be back.

This week, I want to talk a bit about what’s happening in my life and what my current goals as a working artist are.

As some of you know, I have been a co owner/director of a summer camp for the past 28 years. This will be my last summer working with the camp. It’s been a wonderful and gratifying experience to be part of Fun in the Sun. My business partner, Bonnie Templin started the camp in her house and I then joined in at my house. Since then it has grown incredibly. We now have 2 locations one at a swim club in Plymouth Meeting and another one at the Unitarian Church (USG) in Mount Airy. We have put in so much work to make the camp the success it has become. Fun in the Sun has been such a big part of my life that it is with mixed feelings I step down from my role at the camp.

The positive gain for me is that I will now be able to be in my studio throughout the summer and more deeply commit to my artwork year-round without interruptions.

Over the past few months I have continued to experiment with the theme of music through my daily digital collages. As my Facebook and instagram followers know, I have produced a large collection! Recently, I have decided to incorporate my encaustic work into this exploration too.

My immediate goals include a continued investigation of this theme, inspired by my dad and his love of music, producing bigger work, and looking for new spaces to show my art.

Do you know of local café or restaurant owners looking to feature local artists on their walls? If so, let me know!

As I turn my focus to becoming a full-time, working artist, I find myself reflecting on this change in my focus.  Something keeps going through my thoughts that  quite often makes me question myself. As I look at other people’s artwork and their artist statements , they seem to have some kind of deep, often tragic, meaning. My confusion may be just a few jitters working through my system but I am certain of one thing, I love to create art that makes people happy. There is so much drama and hurtful happenings in our country right now, overwhelming us all.  We need some space to contemplate and evaluate our role and way forward.  My intention is for my art to be a happy respite from all this stress.

Have a wonderful weekend!



4 Replies to “Goals and Big Changes Ahead”

  1. Oh the adventures that await you! With the accomplishment you leave!

    I’m with you on the looking at other people’s artwork and finding deep, tragic meaning. Thank you for wanting to provide happy respite from this mad world.

    Staying tuned!

  2. Angeline, Thank you for your comment. I wonder why it didn’t let me know that I had a comment.
    Anyway, yes! Let’s make happy art!Too much craziness!

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