13th International Encaustic Conference

Coastal View – Mixed Media, encaustic, collage, oil stick, 8×8 ©Dora Ficher $250

What do I love about the International Encaustic Conference

There is so much… and that’s why I keep going back. This was my 8th time in attendance. The conference is held every year in Provincetown , MA., the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Memorial Day.

  • The artists who attend. I have made so many amazing friends by attending the conference. I can say that some of my closest friends today I met at the conference.
  • The talks, the demos, the keynote speakers. Every year I learn something new. This year we had an amazing keynote speaker. It was Judy Pfaff. 
  • The juried exhibitions at the Castle Hill Gallery that opens on the Thursday right before the conference begins. This year I was very happy to have a piece there.
  • The exhibitions around town which officially open on the Friday of the conference.
  • The vendor room. I do my yearly shopping in the vendor room. The vendors are amazing!
  • The dinners with friends. Usually a minimum of 6-8 friends go out together to the different restaurants in Provincetown. Of course we have some favorite restaurants that we keep going back to.
  • The hotel fair. On the Sunday of the conference many of the artists set up their hotel rooms and have their work for sale. It’s so wonderful to go around and see everyone’s work and to share mine.
  • The walks around Ptown. One of my favorite places…
  • The pre and post conference workshops. So many wonderful ones to choose from.

I was absolutely thrilled to return and to have been selected to exhibit at this year’s juried show. The challenge presented to artists for this year’s show was to create a work that reflected the theme, “Anything But Flat.” Juried by Founder and director emerita of the International Encaustic Conference, Joanne Mattera, my piece “Journey” was selected. This work is especially meaningful to me as it represents a piece of my personal immigration journey. Read more about “Journey” in my blog post “My Immigration Journey.”

The exhibition opening at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill was wonderful and I was honored to have my work hanging along side so many other incredible pieces by amazing artists.

8 Replies to “13th International Encaustic Conference”

  1. What a wonderful video, Dora! Thanks for posting. And is was great seeing you and Heidi in P-Town. I, too, thought the conference was great.

  2. Hi Sheary,

    I actually did it right from photos on my iPad. Do you use a Mac? Check it out, there are several options there. I layer it out and went from there.

    Let me know how it goes…

  3. Loved the video and saw u were doing so well I love conferences too. I’ve not done encaustic except in my classroom with high school. but left all the supplies with the school. Seems interesting . I have to read up on it. Good job,

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