Cerulean Arts Associate Collective Members Exhibition – A Thank You

From the Boat – encaustic, collage and oil stick on panel – 30″ x 30″

“Dora Ficher works in encaustic and in styles as varied as geometric abstraction (as in Journey), Impressionistic representation (as in Poppy World), and Expressionistic script (as in Birds in Flight).  This leads to a sense that I am seeing samplings of different oeuvres.  In all, her colors are luscious and for the most part her surfaces are thick and smooth or roughened to create pattern.  Encaustic used in this way often leads to a sense of encasement like a bug trapped in resin or a cloudy cover-up.  But not here.  The color feels solid and dense. And as with encaustic work, it is difficult not to touch it.  This is especially true in her Layers 1 – 4 which include a horizontal bar and the previously cited Journey. In Ficher’s largest piece, From the Boat, a work that shows her expertise in using her medium as conveyance you can see the careful geometry of the circular, orange sun against the modulating blue sky, the layered and worked surface of yellow, red, and green fashioning the land, and the translucent blue water that covers an underpainting of orange shapes.”

A HUGE thank you to Carol Taylor-Kearney for her generous review of the Cerulean Arts Associate Collective Members Exhibition.

The exhibition has come down, but it was truly wonderful to be included. I am appreciative of the opportunity to be apart of this fabulous exhibition and a member of an incredible collective.

And thank you to everyone who came by the opening reception. I didn’t get too many photos but here are a few…

If you are interested in seeing and/or purchasing any of the work that was up during the exhibition, stop by or contact Cerulean Arts Gallery and Studio

Journey – encaustic, collage and oil stick on panel – 24″ x 18″
Poppy World – encaustic monotype on paper mounted on panel – 24″ x 18″
Layers 1 – encaustic, collage and oil stick on panel – 8″ x 8″



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