Encaustic Painting Class for Beginners-Plus with Dora Ficher

September 19-20

Learn why everyone is hooked on the warm, sensuous, and fragrant practice of encaustic painting.

Encaustic medium that was used by the ancient Egyptians. Jump a few thousand years and it is a medium used by Jasper Johns. 

It is a mixture of warm beeswax and pigment that creates a deep, luscious surface that is silky and smooth or richly textured, vibrant or muted. It can be embedded with photos, printed material, pieces of wood, fabric, or other organic items. 

In this 2-day intensive hands-on workshop, you will learn:

    • The fascinating history of encaustics, which will inspire your paintings
    • How to use encaustic tools and materials with confidence
    • Basic techniques that will give you a foundation to build on
    • Safety tips for manipulating the tools and hot wax
    • How to make a stronger composition with color, design, pattern, and texture

For those who have never tried encaustic and those who would like a little more experience with the medium.

“Dora was attentive, encouraging and so willing to share her decade of encaustic painting experience with me that I felt immediately comfortable and confident that I could come out of my day long workshop with something to show. And I did.”   ~ Frumi Cohen

During our two days together, you will:

      • Practice on boards before committing to your final piece.
      • Engage in lively group discussions about what we’re working on.
      • Work with as much or as little guidance as you like. I’m 100% available to all students for individual feedback.

You will go home with a finished painting that you are proud of!

After years of art experience using acrylics, oil, and watercolors, to my joy, I found encaustic. I have been perfecting my approach to the encaustic medium now for over 10 years. 

From the Boat, Mixed Media, encaustic, collage, oil stick on panel- 30 x 30

Encaustic is a fragrant, sensual, inspiring, and incredibly versatile medium, and I love sharing my enthusiasm with students in my private studio.

Please join me!

September 19th-20th
10am to 4pm each day
Scotts Mills, 3510 Scotts Lane, Philadelphia

Fee includes

    • 10 hours of painting, instruction and discussion
    • 4 – 8”x8” boards
    • 6 Brushes
    • Encaustic medium
    • Basic encaustic paints

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