Artist Statement

18th Street, Mixed Media, pen and ink, digital, 5×5 ©Dora Ficher

Born in Buenos Aires, I grew up immersed in energy and color, inspired by the people, the art and architecture, the variance, intricacies and connections of colors and patterns. My palette is bold, an expression of this energy and cherished memories of my native Argentina.

Many ideas tend to speak to me at once so I often begin my paintings with a grid.  The vertical and horizontal lines calm my active brain and provide a structure on which to work. I paint within the cells before tying the work together.

The encaustic medium encourages me to work more abstractly, making connections between shapes, patterns, and colors.

I work slowly and deliberately building up the fragrant layers of warm sticky wax using a blowtorch to fuse each layer.

I incorporate collage materials in the wax – sometimes visible, other times not. 

Autobiographical stories on paper are encased inside the waxy pigment. The layers of narrative and paint parallel the layers and complexity of life.

The mediums of pen and ink, oils, and acrylics help me to create an impressionistic series of works representing flowers, villages, landscapes, and wildlife.  This work I affectionately describe as “doodles” since it allows me a free hand using a minimum of tools during creation.