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The Cerulean Arts Collective Associate Members Exhibition

December 11 – January 12th. A selection of my encaustic work is being exhibited.

I will be at the gallery on Sunday, January 5th from 1-3pm. I hope to see you there.  








Philadelphia Open Studios
Saturday, October 19 – 12 – 6pm

Scotts Mills Artist Studios
3510 Scotts Lane
Building 32, Studio #118

The Suzanne Roberts Theatre 

A Sense of Burning
A Sense of Burning will be the first of three exhibits Mt Airy Art Garage will mount at The Philadelphia Theatre Company this year, in conjunction with their production of A Small Fire. Witness what over 20 artists created when they were asked: What burns in you or haunts you? Is it passion, pain, anger, joy, determination, loss? Is it a tingle or a searing, undeniable quest to continue to live fully while overcoming limitations? Our senses rule much of our lives and drive us to make decisions. How we respond to our senses guides our reactions. How we express our longings and our need to be understood in the world.

October 18 – November 10, 2019 
Opening Reception: October 25th, 7pm
480 S Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19146