My 2019 Commitment…

I was a children’s art teacher for 30 plus years and had always been blessed to be teaching in places where we had plenty of art supplies. Inner city public schools do not have that advantage. In fact, art education is at a critical point in many public schools in the USA.  They are struggling with massive cutbacks. Funding for art education has been cut drastically. 

I passionately feel that something must be done to save art making in our public schools. I feel that art is so very important in a child’s education that I have been looking for a way to get involved in helping children have that art experience in the public schools. Searching and researching, I found Fresh Artists, an award-winning nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, created to help save art making in K-12 public schools.

Fresh Artists is 100% unique, fresh idea! Creating the ability for generous and talented children to make a real difference in their world, Fresh Artists empowers vulnerable children as philanthropists through their art, advocates for strong art education by exhibiting reproductions of children’s artwork in highly visible and unexpected places and delivers much-needed materials and programs to severely underfunded public schools across the country.

How it works:

  • Fresh Artists invites children to donate the use of an image of selected artwork to help other children.  The children keep their original art and its copyright.
  • Then, Fresh Artists accepts corporate and individual donations to fund the art programs and supplies that they deliver to schools in need.
  • As a thank-you, donors receive their choice of large, high-quality digital reproductions of the children’s artwork to install in their workplaces.
  • It is a unique circle of giving where children’s art fulfills a real business need while they become catalytic philanthropists raising funds for future art-making in schools with empty shelves!

Fresh Artists is 10 years old and has delivered an estimated $1.5M in art supplies and innovative art programs to severely underfunded public schools throughout the country.  Any art teacher in a public school with 70% or more students qualifying for “free or reduced lunch” may apply for Fresh Artists’ support.

This program is designed to augment, not replace, existing school district funding.

I have committed to help children in underfunded public schools have experience with art.

Starting January 1st, I am donating 10% of all my sales to Fresh Artists.

Please take a minute and visit Fresh Artists’ website and read about their program. It is inspiring, innovative and essential.

You might enjoy this little video about Fresh Artists’ Design Lab with Stick-lets, a building toy company, that I recently taught with Fresh Artists in their studios.

xo Dora

Fresh Artists is a 501(c)(3) organization and is registered (#37052) as a charitable organization with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations. It is authorized to solicit charitable contributions under the conditions and limitations set forth under the Act.

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