Why My Blog Post is One Week Late

Four paintings from my Seascapes Series. Each one is 8×8 Mixed media on panel

An excerpt from my ½ full journal for my “The Devoted Writer” class with Cynthia Morris.

I am truly an expert – an expert in procrastination. I am so good at it that I can spend hours doing stuff I don’t need to be doing. Like this morning, I was getting ready to write and decided that the notebook I was using wasn’t good enough. It was too hard and too uncomfortable and I really didn’t like it. So, I went down a rabbit hole on Amazon looking for Moleskin journals that I would like better. Well, actually, before that, I started looking through my old notebooks I have here at home. Then, of course, I had to start looking through the notebooks themselves because I wanted to know when they were from. I looked at them page-by-page because I loved looking at all of my doodles and all of the notes I had taken.








Afterwards, having found the perfect Moleskin among my notebooks,  I went back to Amazon to order it because I only have half of my current one left to use. Even though I know that is plenty of space for my upcoming Encaustic Conference, I needed a new one. Then, I checked out Amazon to see if they had delivered the pencils and pencil sharpener I had 

ordered because I had heard someone talking about how awesome the pencils were and that the pencil sharpener is the best in the world. I had ordered them but hadn’t picked them up downstairs yet because Amazon didn’t post that the order was delivered. So I decided to find another notebook to write in and to write with a pencil I found.

I wonder what will happen when I start writing in pencil. Will the words get a little fuzzy after a while? Will the pencil smear? Guess I’ll have to see. What if all my writing starts to disappear because it was done in pencil? So many things go through my head? So, like I said, I should have a degree in PROCRASTINATING. I am so good at it – I give myself a 100%. I hope the pencil stays.

What are the barriers that keep you from progressing your projects? I found this writing exercise helpful. It allowed me to not only reveal something important about myself, but also to laugh at myself a bit! Leave me a comment, let’s share all of the things that get in our way.


Art on the Move

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I have been excited to bring my work out of my studio and into the greater Philadelphia community. Currently, my work is hanging in three local cafes; High Point Café at Allens Lane Train Station, Good Karma Café III at 2319 Walnut St., and the Trolley Car Café.

Coastal View – Mixed Media, encaustic, collage, oil stick, 8×8. Click image to purchase $250

Last month I held an Artist Reception at High Point and was overjoyed to see so many of you. Thank you all for coming out, filling the café with your updates and laughter, and for supporting my work!!

For those of you who missed my reception, there is still time. My art will be hanging at High Point Café – Allens Lane Train Station – 7210 Cresheim Road, Philadelphia, PA 19119 – until the end of the month.

As Mt. Airy coffee lovers know, High Point Café offers amazing coffee and the yummiest pastries – gluten free pastries too!!



new undies for the new year?


Dear friends,

As I reflect on 2018 and look forward to 2019, I can’t help but feel enormous happiness and excitement. 2018 was a year to be remembered and I want to share some of my very favorite things from this year with you.

The highlight of 2018 was Michaela’s birth! Our newest granddaughter, and the first child of my son Jonathan and his wife Jessica, is full of joy and laughter. Her smile and laugh melt my heart. In fact, she, along with my other grandchildren are my greatest inspiration.


Heidi and I have loved every minute with our three grandchildren this year. We have enjoyed trips to the park, baby music class, holiday celebrations, and a family beach vacation in September. We truly cherished 2018 with them.

“Water Blue”, 10×10 , “Dawn”, 8×8 “,  and Coastal View” , 8×8 , Encaustic, collage and oil stick ©Dora Ficher

Some of my other 2018 highlights include discovering new books, art and office supplies, and artists. Perhaps my list will lead you to new discoveries too.


Supplies: office and tools

  • Levenger  Switch, swap, and rearrange pages as you please with the Levenger Circa Notebook System. One of the artists at the Asheville Mastermind Workshop had this notebook and I fell in love with it. She gave me all the info and as soon as I got back I ordered mine in my favorite color, turquoise, or aqua as they call it. I LOVE it. Papers go in so easily. You have to read about it to know how it works. Mine is all ready for 2019 and will help keep me organized during what is shaping up to be a very busy new year. 
  • Kemper Tools: Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set, 5” long. I found these little tools while walking around in Asheville, NC. We happened upon a wonderful arts and craft store that had everything you could possibly need even if you didn’t know you needed it, or that it even existed.. It was a privately owned store run by a pair of aging hippies who still retained their flower power. They carried marvelous things, from carpenter tools to knitting tools. From sculpting tools to gardening tools. From yarn to paint. Spinning wheels to clay.  Weaving frames to easels. In a little corner I found these mini sculpting tools which I love to work with on my encaustic paintings. Great for scraping and building up the wax. Wish I could remember the name of this awesome store.
  • Yearlong Calendar: This is one of my very favorite new things that I began in 2018. I hung up a year long calendar on my pantry door.  It is very cool to see your whole year in front of your eyes. I color coded mine. It was definitely helpful. The 2019 one is erasable, a feature that I like. 


  • Donna Uettwiller  To put it simply, I am eternally in her debt.  She is my assistant, my sounding board, my moral support, my lifeline to the “e world,”  my editor, and my friend.  That said, Donna has been my friend for almost twenty years and has now become an integral member of Doraficherart.  She assists me by photographing my art and helps me to write my blog by weeding through my scattered thoughts to find a coherent thread of what I am trying to communicate to you.  In just a few hours a week, she is able to work her magic, an alchemist at creating a finished product out of my scattered thoughts. Donna is an amazing photographer. Check out her photos here—>website.  Thank you, Donna!


  • I saw quite a few art exhibitions this year here in Philly and during my travels to Asheville and Lancaster. The one that mostly stands out is one I just saw at the Guggenheim museum this past week: Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future. I had  not heard of her until a few weeks ago reading friend’s posts on facebook. I was fascinated with her work. You can read all about her and see her paintings in the links above. It felt like her work was meant to be displayed at the Guggenheim. 

Six strings, Duet, and Allegro, mixed media – Acrylic, wax, collage on canvas. ©Dora Ficher each piece is 20×20″

And, because this time of year is full of favorite traditions, I’ll close by sharing my family’s New Year’s Eve tradition!  On New Years Eve, all members my family wear a brand new pair of underwear. Some of them even say the color you select should match your wishes for the coming year. It may sound silly or superstitious, but, for our family, wearing new undies ensures we welcome the new year ready for a fresh start. I have always done it and, so…we will be wearing new undies to welcome 2019! I’m not sure if this is just an Argentinian custom but I have done my best to encourage its growth in the USA.  So now I’m wondering about other family customs. Do you have any special traditions in your family, holiday related or not ?  I would love to hear about them so I hope you leave me a comment here.

I want to thank all of you for supporting my passion of creating and my art business.

Happy New Year, my Friends!  May 2019 bring you much Happiness, good health, prosperity and PEACE. 

Hugs to all,

***Stay tune for details about my two upcoming exhibitions opening in January. More about it next week.