As promised last week I will be posting a painting-A-week starting today.

There is a story behind this painting:

About 2 weeks ago I drove by our old house … the one we lived in while the kids where growing up…the one on “the best street in the city” according to a former neighbor and friend. But…I was a bit disappointed to see that the new owners painted it a red color and took down some of our beautiful plants that had grown so nicely. It was sad to see them gone…and to see the other changes like the color. We did move about 8 years ago…and the nerve of these people to change everything. It’s funny how much we don’t like change.

Last week for my 1st painting-A-week I decided to paint our beautiful Wellesley Road home.

Following is a photo I took of the house on that day:

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.  ~Author Unknown