Why My Blog Post is One Week Late

Four paintings from my Seascapes Series. Each one is 8×8 Mixed media on panel

An excerpt from my ½ full journal for my “The Devoted Writer” class with Cynthia Morris.

I am truly an expert – an expert in procrastination. I am so good at it that I can spend hours doing stuff I don’t need to be doing. Like this morning, I was getting ready to write and decided that the notebook I was using wasn’t good enough. It was too hard and too uncomfortable and I really didn’t like it. So, I went down a rabbit hole on Amazon looking for Moleskin journals that I would like better. Well, actually, before that, I started looking through my old notebooks I have here at home. Then, of course, I had to start looking through the notebooks themselves because I wanted to know when they were from. I looked at them page-by-page because I loved looking at all of my doodles and all of the notes I had taken.








Afterwards, having found the perfect Moleskin among my notebooks,  I went back to Amazon to order it because I only have half of my current one left to use. Even though I know that is plenty of space for my upcoming Encaustic Conference, I needed a new one. Then, I checked out Amazon to see if they had delivered the pencils and pencil sharpener I had 

ordered because I had heard someone talking about how awesome the pencils were and that the pencil sharpener is the best in the world. I had ordered them but hadn’t picked them up downstairs yet because Amazon didn’t post that the order was delivered. So I decided to find another notebook to write in and to write with a pencil I found.

I wonder what will happen when I start writing in pencil. Will the words get a little fuzzy after a while? Will the pencil smear? Guess I’ll have to see. What if all my writing starts to disappear because it was done in pencil? So many things go through my head? So, like I said, I should have a degree in PROCRASTINATING. I am so good at it – I give myself a 100%. I hope the pencil stays.

What are the barriers that keep you from progressing your projects? I found this writing exercise helpful. It allowed me to not only reveal something important about myself, but also to laugh at myself a bit! Leave me a comment, let’s share all of the things that get in our way.