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It’s actually my 2013 Commitment…but even though I changed the title it doesn’t show up.

I was a children’s art teacher for the past 30 plus years and had always been blessed to be teaching in places where we had plenty of art supplies.

Inner city public schools do not have that advantage. In fact, art education is at a critical point in the Philadelphia public schools as the school district is struggling with massive cutbacks. Funding for art education has been cut drastically.  This year, only 83 cents per child per year was allocated for art-making supplies.

Musical Squares – Collage, Encaustic, Oil sticks – @Dora Ficher Art 2012

I passionately feel that something must be done to save art making in our public schools. I feel that art is so very important in a child’s education that I have been looking for a way to get involved in helping children have that art experience in the Philadelphia schools. Searching and researching, I found Fresh Artists, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, created to help save art making in K-12 public schools.

Fresh Artists is an innovative concept of student-centric philanthropy. Fresh Artists is a new model of civic engagement where recipients of corporate generosity are full and equal partners in the common goal: to save access to art making for all children.

Fresh Artists donations are used to purchase materials and equipment for art-making in public school art classroom programs.  Art teachers are invited to apply for assistance.  This program is designed to augment, not replace, existing school district funding.

Fresh Artists Delivered $40,000 in art supplies within its first year

I have committed to help children in the Philadelphia

public schools have experience with art.

Starting today I am donating 10% of all my sales to Fresh Artists.

You will find all about the mission of Fresh Artists at this website. Do read about the program. It is inspiring and essential.

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