“Q” is for Queen

“Q” is for Queen ~ Ink Drawing – © 2012 Dora Ficher


Queen is a good word for “Q“:

“All I Ask Is That You Treat Me No Differently Than You Would The Queen” ~Anonymous

“There is no use trying, said Alice; one can’t believe impossible things. I dare say you haven’t had much practice, said the Queen. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~Lewis Carroll

I also like a Band called Queen. They sing some of my favorite songs!

What are your favorite “Q” words?

“B” for Balance

“B” for Balance~ Ink Drawing – © 2012 Dora Ficher

“Balance” has many different definitions. Here are 2 of my favorites:

Balance: the harmonious integration of components in an artistic work.

Balance : mental or emotional steadiness.

What other words begin with B besides Balance? Go to the comments section and write some words down.

Happy weekend!



Do you wear new pink undies?


“Success”  @2010 Dora Ficher

In my family we have a tradition that every New Year’s eve we wear something new…usually underwear. This way we welcome the new year wearing something new . I have done it since I can remember.

I posted this on facebook and got many interesting answers. Here they are:

Susana : yes….….pink new underwear… don’t not why…..this year i forgot!

Raylene: Love it! I pick a word if the year as my mantra and try to stuff a grape for each of the 12 hours/months in my mouth (Spanish tradition) as the click gongs. Hilarity ensures…though it’s a little messy for new clothes.

Deb: We have a group of friends and we get together on New Year’s and wear pajamas and plan a mulitcourse dinner – that starts at 8 and ends right before 12.

Luciana: Put $ in your pocket. Brings good fortune.

Sergio: I do not, except for the usual party etc. I am starting a new tradition; ” to be here next year.”

Cintia: I do the same! BUT – it has to be pink. Don’t ask me why but that’s how i grew up celebrating the transition from the old to the new year. Hope you have an excellent 2011!

Peg: As soon as “the ball” drops we all run outside yelling Happy New Year and banging pots and pans to scare away the bad spirits.

Alyson: My friend from Colombia says yellow underwear for New Year’s.

Marlis: RED new undies in italy and the italian part of switzerland

I would love to know what the traditions are in your family or country.

You can leave a comment and tell us about it below:

Happy & Healthy 2011!

“Happy Stars” ©2008 Dora Ficher

How do you photograph your Artwork?

I could never do a good job taking photographs of my artwork. I either had too much glare, too much light, or not enough light. During the week of Thanksgiving, my son Jonathan ( jonathanmeter.com and The Bite sized blog ) who is a photographer in New York city came home to Philly. I asked him to PLEASE take photos of all my new artwork while he was here. He came up with a different method of taking the photographs so I didn’t always have to wait for him to visit to have pictures of my paintings. The week before he came, he sent me a link to a business and told me to buy 4 sheets of Roscolux #116 Tough White Diffusion (1100) paper which I bought for $30.

Once he was here, we went to Dick Blick Art Supply and he got the materials needed to make 2 24″x24″ frames, the kind you use to make your own canvas, and some kind of special tape. He built 2 flat frames and attached  the diffusion paper to them. He then taped the frames to 2 step stools and put a light on each side that shines through. See a photo of the set-up below.  The set-up is easy to disassemble to store and to reassemble when needed.

@Dora Ficher Art

Last week, while getting everything ready to launch my new website/blog, I photographed all my new work and it came out quite nice. He is definitely my hero! If you have been reading my blog for a while, I’m sure you heard me say this before in  the artist interview I did with Jonathan and in my older post called “My son, my hero”.

Thanks to his design, it is now so easy to do this by myself. No problems with light, glare, or lack of light. He even suggested that I add more light to the sides to get even better images. But I have to say that I am happy with what I got.

@Dora Ficher Art
@Dora Ficher Art
@Dora Ficher Art

Thanks everyone for your patience while my website/blog were going through a transition.

I will now be doing my artist interviews once a month so stay tuned.

This Wednesday I will have  an interview with artist Lorraine Glessner. Lorraine is the artist who taught me all about encaustic painting. I took a 2 day workshop with her last December and fell in love with encaustic!

Any questions about the photo set up? write them in a comment.